Pug Puppy in Chandigarh and Jalandhar

Temperament: Loving, Charming, Mischievous
Colors & Markings: Black, fawn
Height: 10-14 inches
Weight: 6-10 kg (male), 5-9 kg (female)
Life Expectancy: 13-15 years
Group: Toy Group

Before getting Pug puppy in Chandigarh and Jalandhar, let us get know about this breed first.


Pugs have a short flat face and great big bulgy eyes and all these wrinkles around the face. They are very humorous. Pugs look like little cartoons with their comical look. Pugs have wiggled their way into one of the most popular dogs in the United States. These four-legged small weightlifters, usually come in black, fawn, apricot fawn, and silver fawn colour.


The Pug is an ancient breed which bred thousands of years ago by the Chinese emperors to serve as guard dogs in their palaces. They were used as guard dogs because they’re extremely alert when pugs want to be and they can be pleased. They were guarded in luxury by soldiers and considered a precious look at the markings on this pugs face. Pugs were brought to Europe in the 15th century and the 16th century after the trade with the Far East opened up. They became the dog of choice of royalty as well. Prince William of Orange kept one of these in his company a pug named Pompey, who once saved his life by yapping when assassins drew near.


Pugs have some breathing problems because of their under nose. They have breathing problem in warmer weather. In China, Pugs wrinkles were produced to create a pattern on their forehead. A pattern on the forehead looks like the Chinese character. Their tail curls up towards the back like a little corkscrew. Their tail has two full curls. The eyes of Pug will pop right out at you. Pugs have bulgy big round eyes that you can’t ignore.


Pugs are easy companions. Warm weather makes this little guy little uncomfortable. Grooming the Pug is relatively minimal; however, they do shed, also airtight wrinkles lead to airtight infections. Lots of moisture gets in there wrinkles, and bacteria grows. The regular grooming procedure is keeping the pugs face very clean. Pugs are pretty healthy if you keep them bathed and clean regularly.


Pugs eyes can pop out yep you heard, that’s called apoptosis. It has to be placed in at once proptosis happens once there’s forward displacement of the attention. The is because of tugging on a choke collar too hard or accidentally holding the neck too tight. So be careful with your little pug.


Pugs can be trained easily. It’s a perfect family dog. They need careful cleaning of their facial wrinkles. Train them early to follow commands. Today Pug is adored by his millions of fans around the world.

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